At WanderPaws we believe in a balanced approach to dog training and empowering you as the owner to feel confident in leading your dog.  

Our Training


Dogs are like people in that they are all different and they all learn at different speeds. Our five pillars of training include sustainability, consistency, a balanced approach, owner empowerment and training as a lifestyle. Sustainability is important when it comes to humans and pets. If you can’t keep it up, it’s not going to be successful long term. That’s why WanderPaws focuses on defining clear goals and plans that are tailored to you and your dog’s needs. Just like children, dogs require consistent communication and guidance. It’s important that all people handling your dog are on the same page when it comes to the training plan. At WanderPaws we create consistent methods to achieve your dog’s training needs and help owners maintain the same approach at home.

At WanderPaws we take a balanced approach to dog training. This means our training methods focus on positive reinforcement and encouraging wanted behaviours. By taking this approach, your dog will understand what behaviours you’d like them to repeat and which behaviours you’d like them to avoid. Dogs look to their owners to take the lead. WanderPaws trains dogs, but also helps owners understand what it means to be a leader and how to feel confident guiding your dog’s behaviours and actions.

Training a dog can be overwhelming and there are a lot of resources out there. It comes down to choosing a direction that fits within your lifestyle. WanderPaws will work with you to find the best methods that will benefit your dog and make it easy for you to track their progress, celebrate successes and continue at home.

Puppy Program

(8 weeks - 26 weeks)

The WanderPaws Puppy program focuses on taking those early-stage behaviours and shaping them into well-mannered young dogs. With one-on-one instruction, this program will be tailored to your puppy’s needs.

Canine Adolescents

(6 months - 1 year)

Adolescents come with pesky behaviours like jumping, barking, nipping, leash pulling etc. Most dogs at this age are testing their boundaries and it’s critical to provide clear guidance to stop these behaviours in their tracks.

For Life Training

(1 year +)

We’ve said goodbye to puppyhood and it’s time to ensure their foundation of learning is strong to carry them into adulthood. Common issues that we can work to correct are recall, appropriate social pay, any changing behaviours or bad habits.

Tailored Training

(Any age)

Each dog and breed is unique and one size doesn’t fit all. Looking to correct something specific, let’s talk about it and come up with a plan that is catered specifically to your dog’s needs.

E-collar Program

Have a reactive pet? Let’s talk about how you could use an E-collar as an off-leash solution.