What to expect

WanderPaws will collect your dog from your home (you don’t need to be there for hand-off) and the dogs will be driven together to a Long Lake. This is a safe and well travelled area by our professional dog walkers. Once within the forest, dogs are unleashed and as a group, guided through the woods. During the warmer months, together dogs will swim and play being well monitored throughout the whole experience.

At the end of the walk, dogs are re-leashed, walked to the car and driven home for drop off (again, pet parents are not expected to be there at drop off either).

Group Walks

The benefits of Group Walks

Group walks allow your dog to return to their natural instinct of pack mentality, providing the opportunity to satisfy their drive to explore and play. Dogs are curious, sociable animals, and the mental and physical benefits of exploring the scents of nature with friends are endless. Some of these benefits include:

1. Physical exercise and stimulation

Off-leash group dog walks provide an opportunity for dogs to engage in physical exercise and stimulation, which is essential for their overall health and wellbeing. Running, jumping and playing with other dogs is a great way to burn off excess energy and improve cardiovascular health. This kind of activity also strengthens their muscles, joints, improves coordination and reduces the risk of obesity

2. Mental stimulation enrichment

Off-leash group dog walks offers a wealth of mental stimulation and enrichment for dogs. Being able to explore new environments and experience new sights and smells can help keep their minds active and engaged. This kind of mental stimulation can also help reduce boredom and alleviate stress, which can be a significant problem for dogs that spend a lot of time alone at home.

3. Socialization and training

Off-leash group dog walks provide an excellent opportunity for dogs to socialize outside of their familial unit, which is an essential aspect of their development. This kind of interaction can help them develop critical social skills, such as communication, cooperation and conflict resolution. It can also help prevent behavioural problems such as aggression, fearfulness and separation anxiety. Additionally, group walks can be a great way to reinforce obedience training and recall skills in a real-world setting.