Speaking to your Dog Through Body Language.

Dogs are wildly intuitive and pick up on our signals based on our posture, movements, energy and emotions. Be a confident leader for your dog! Dogs look to their owners for guidance on how to behave, react, and navigate the world. By projecting confidence and remaining calm, you can give your dog a sense of […]

Setting Boundaries with your Dog

When it comes to dog training, setting boundaries and being consistent will be your greatest tools. Whether it’s not allowing them on the furniture or setting certain areas off-limits, consistency is absolutely crucial. Once you establish these boundaries, make sure to stick to them. No exceptions! Remember, dogs are creatures of habit and it’s up […]

Off-leash Forest Adventures: benefits of group dog walks

It’s become a very popular dog world out there. You can now find everything from dog hotels to daycares for your dog but we believe our dogs are happiest when they’re in nature with other dogs. Pack walks led by professionals give your dog the option to explore when you’re stuck in the office or […]

Hi, I’m Kristy!

My friends and family are definitely not surprised that I ended up building a dog focused career. I was always the little kiddo following dogs around and befriending them on every block. My friends and family are definitely not surprised that I ended up building a dog focused career. I was always following dogs around […]

Gerorgia, a strong-willed, loving & intelligent force of nature.

Georgia has been a part of the Wanderpaws crew for roughly 2 years and I am so grateful for Kristy. My dog is a strong-willed, loving & intelligent force of nature, but as a rescue, she can show signs of aggression and possessiveness and before joining the crew, she was not very friendly with other […]

Faolan loves his pack walks.

For two years, Wanderpaws has been taking our dog Faolan on pack walks, and it’s been such an enriching experience for him! Kristy has been reliable and has shown a deep understanding of dogs and their individual needs. Her expertise has been invaluable in improving Faolan’s behaviour on walks, and she has been giving us […]

E-collar Program

Have a reactive pet? Let’s talk about how you could use an E-collar as an off-leash solution.