Halifax Group Dog Walking

Group walks allow your dog to return to their natural instinct of pack mentality, providing the opportunity to satisfy their drive to explore and play. Dogs are curious, sociable animals, and the mental and physical benefits of exploring the scents of nature with friends are endless.

1 hour off-leash nature adventure walks with other dogs of matched temperament and obedience.


Halifax Private Dog Walking

Private walk provides your dog the opportunity to walk on familiar ground and sniff familiar scents in their comfort zone. Our goal is to work on socializing the dog team-work from the owner in hopes of graduation to group walks.

30 Minute On-Leash Dog Walking in dog’s neighbourhood.


1 Hour On or Off-Leash Dog Walking in dogs neighbourhood or nearby park.


A long private walk provides your dog the opportunity to receive one-on-one attention while experiencing new areas or familiar territory.

Home visits

Available for the pet owner who is busy and needs an extra hand with bathroom breaks, feedings, or cat visits.


Puppy Training Session

A meet and greet with a dog expert who will provide evidence based advice and tips to help your dog develop into a well-mannered adolescent.

Our method is positive-reinforcement and backed up by many years of personal experience and research.


If you have any other questions, please contact Kristy!

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