Hiring a dog walker gives you someone to call on when you need an extra hand. Life is busy, and it’s important to have a community you can depend on! Having a consistent dog walker will make sure your pet is always taken care of.

Dogs are sociable animals and happiest when they’re well exercised and gaining new life experiences to keep their minds stimulated. It’s extremely beneficial to allow your dog the opportunity to get comfortable with someone else that’s not you, in the event you need to leave town or your schedule gets busy. Not to mention – they would be way happier if they didn’t have to stay indoors all day while you’re at work!

Dog walking is a more affordable expense than dog daycare, and we do the picking up and dropping off so you don’t have to worry about it! It also gives your dog a more personalized experience and the chance to form a bond with someone who isn’t you and to roam the forest with a consistent group of pals.

Having a consistent and trustworthy dog walker coming into your home is not only valuable to you, but also your dog. Your dog will begin to form a relationship with someone else that can step in when you are not available. And you will feel a lot more comfortable with a consistent person going into your home when you’re not there than someone you hired through a large company Also, supporting local is more important now than ever!

It’s important to have a first free consultation walk so we can get to know you and your dog better! This way we will know what your dogs needs are, and of course what your needs are too.

In these strange uncharted territorial times, your dogs are getting WAY less socialization than they were in the before times. Or maybe they are new additions and weren’t around for the before times. We take covid very seriously, and we make sure to sanitize before and after we pick up and drop off your fur babe.

We love cats! Honestly, we will feed your fish if you need us to. We love animals and we’re happy to help out in any situation we are needed.

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